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Become An Egg Donor!

Give the Gift of Parenthood

Couples often say when they became parents was the happiest day of their lives! By donating eggs, you’re giving the gift of parenthood to couples who struggle with infertility.

We Pay For Egg Donation

Donors receive $3,000 for each cycle after egg retrieval and may be chosen to participate in up to six cycles. This is an amazing opportunity to help pay for a car, rent or a semester in school.

Donation Is Completely Anonymous

Approved donors are assigned a donor number to help ensure that their names and identities remain confidential. Our donation program is completely in-house, giving it a level of confidentiality unattainable by other egg donation programs. We will not trade or sell your information. During our donation process, we do not share any current photos or any other identifiable information with the potential family.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Be a non-smoker between the ages of 21 and 33 (a woman who is 20 can begin the screening process and enter the program at age 21)
  • Have no new tattoos or piercings within the last six months
  • Have a BMI (body mass index) of 30 or lower

After an initial screening by our donation coordinator, prospective donors will:

  • Receive an abbreviated medical history form to complete
  • Come to our office for an interview with one of our staff members (all potential donors must bring proof of a current pap smear and their photo ID to this visit)
  • Schedule a time to take the MMPI personality test
  • Meet with a counselor to discuss the donating process (if married, both partners need to attend)
  • Meet with Dr. Donesky for a physical exam, hormone evaluation, and testing for communicable diseases

All approved donors (and spouses of married donors) are required to sign consent for participation in the Fertility Center’s egg donor program, waiving all rights to any children resulting from their donated eggs.

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