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IVF Success Rates

Patient pregnancies are the ultimate goal for all of us at the Fertility Center, and we want our patients to be confident in the integrity of our assisted reproduction program. Below, you will find our IVF success rates and information about how these numbers are gathered and reported.


The Centers for Disease Control reports data for IVF treatment from clinics across the country but does not include pregnancies from intrauterine insemination, ovulation induction, or surgery. While the system ensures consistency in reporting clinic outcomes, each fertility clinic takes a unique approach to assisted reproduction. Keep in mind that patient medical characteristics, treatment approaches, and entrance criteria can vary greatly from clinic to clinic. For more information on the Fertility Center's treatment approach, read Dr. Donesky's blog on frozen IVF cycles.

The Fertility Center provides an honest and accurate assessment of each couple’s potential success and advises the best methods for achieving a pregnancy. We do not restrict procedures to only those patients most likely to boost our success rates.

The tables below contain our data from last year, which includes as positive all pregnancies with a clear gestational sac, as well as undelivered pregnancies. Keep in mind that sometimes all retrieved embryos are cryogenically preserved (known as a “freeze all” cycle) with plans to be thawed and transferred at a later date, often because the patient’s body is not receptive to a transfer at the time of retrieval.


Patient Age
# of retrievals
% of retrievals resulting in live births
% of retrievals resulting in pregnancy
< 35
35 - 37
38 - 40
41 - 42