Chattanooga Fertility Doctors

Our doctors are dedicated to providing patients with hope, compassion, and encouragement throughout the fertility treatment process.

    “My husband and I both have children from previous relationships and most people and even a few doctors turned their heads at us when we mentioned it’s been three years and we haven’t been able to get pregnant. From the moment we walked through the doors at the fertility clinic, we we’re treated like family.”

    Jessica Steele

    “You guys are the best! Great staff! Thank you for your patience with me today!”

    Susan Eldridge

    “Dr. Donesky and staff have always treated me and my husband with great respect and empathy. I feel like I’m always taken care of, even on the bad days when I’m there to discuss some hard topics or do some not-so-fun treatments. Dr. Donesky was the first Dr to finally agree to perform a lap and diagnose endometriosis, which a lot of Dr’s in the past always deduced to “unable to cope to with period pain.” When I finally found someone who would listen to me and let ME explain what was happening in MY body, they found a patient for life. (hopefully not life, praying for a baby lol)”

    Alyse Anderson

    “I highly recommend Dr. Donkesky and Dr. Bird. They have phenomenal bedside manner and really want to find a solution for you. They never rush and always thoroughly explain. The staff here is amazing and always helpful! If you’re looking for a fertility doctor, this is the one!”


    “Love Dr. Donesky and his staff. Great care and support. Would highly recommend him to anyone going through this.”

    Mary Mars

    Board-certified Fertility Doctors in Chattanooga

    The Fertility Center’s Dr. Joseph Bird and Dr. Barry Donesky have been practicing together for over a decade. Both are reproductive endocrinologists and certified members of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology, as well as the board’s subspecialty division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility.

    “Successful outcomes require the ability to count on something you can’t see.” Dr. Joseph Bird

    “Taking care of patients and fanning the sparks of hope—that’s the bottom line for me.” Dr. Barry Donesky

    Available Treatments

    Both Dr. Bird and Dr. Donesky specialize in the following treatments:

    • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
    • Intrauterine insemination (IUI)
    • IVF with donor eggs
    • IVF/IUI with donor sperm
    • Egg, sperm, and embryo preservation

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    Please note: The Fertility Center does not accept Medicare or Medicaid.