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Knoxville Tubal Reversal

What Is a Tubal Ligation Reversal?

A tubal ligation reversal, or tubal reanastamosis, is a surgical procedure to reverse a tubal ligation, sometimes referred to as “tied tubes.” About one million women in the United States undergo elective tubal ligation procedures each year, and many later seek the assistance of a surgeon to reverse them.

Who Is a Candidate?

A woman may need to have a hysterosalpingogram or a laparoscopy performed to determine the feasibility of success before a reversal can even be attempted. Reversal success rates are dependent upon several factors, including:

  • A woman’s reproductive age
  • The location and type of tubal ligation
  • How long ago the procedure was done
  • The final tubal length after reversal

The best candidates for tubal reversal are women under age 31 who have had falope ring or clip tubal ligations involving the portion of the tubes closest to the uterus and who have no known infertility factors. Less than five percent of women with tubal ligations have damage that cannot be repaired.

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