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Fertility Center


We always thought that children were a given. If you wanted kids, you got them — no questions asked. Like many people, we waited after getting married to become financially stable before having a baby. When we found out that some family members were having trouble conceiving, we began trying without success. We quickly realized that neither of us was in control as we began learning the hardest lesson of our lives. Several months later, we took a gynecologist’s advice and met with Dr. Bird at the Fertility Center.

After our first consult, we felt a great deal of despair because our “one percent chance at conception” wasn’t a very big one, so we had to consider alternatives. Next, disbelief and questions filled our heads. How in the world could this happen to healthy 25-year-olds with no history of infertility? But once we came to terms with the reality of our situation, we felt very confident with Dr. Bird’s knowledge and expertise and made a decision to try IVF, which was our only treatment option. We waited several more months before scheduling an assisted reproduction cycle in early fall. The entire summer was filled with anxiety about the events to come. We didn’t tell anyone in our families about our plans for fear of negative feedback. This was the truest test of faith, trust and commitment for us. Nothing was guaranteed.

Every night, I (the wife) would write relentlessly in my journal and plead with God through desperate prayers. My husband seemed to handle the situation with such strength, while I felt that I was falling apart all the time. An incredible peace came the month we started the IVF cycle. Finally in good spirits, we knew we would be okay whatever the outcome. An IVF cycle feels strenuous, but we found it was just a day-by-day process that took a little extra strength and endurance. The medications seem overwhelming until one day they’re all gone and it’s time to see the results. Our egg retrieval went smoothly and then embryos formed. My dream that had been so hard to see was unfolding before our eyes.

When it was finally time for our transfer, the fear and anxiety returned for me (the wife). This was it – now or never! How can it work when I’m so very nervous and doubtful? With my stomach in knots, I called the Fertility Center almost daily and told them I wasn’t pregnant because I felt absolutely no symptoms. The staff was there for me every step of the way, assuring me that it was too early to feel anything and that everything would be fine. The day of my appointment for the pregnancy blood draw, I did not want to wait for the results because my husband couldn’t be with me.

Somehow, the girls talked me into staying, and I’m so glad that I did. The test was positive, and everyone in the office celebrated with me. I was finally pregnant! I went straight to the store and bought a baby football and soccer ball as a way to share the news with my husband. Our happy ending had a surprise twist, too. We ended up with twins — two healthy boys that are the absolute greatest joy of our lives. Praise the Lord! We never regret the decision to do IVF. It was the most wonderful and fulfilling decision of our lives, and we wouldn’t have gone about having children any other way. We look at our sons and think, “You two will never know how much you were wanted and how much you are loved.”