Egg Freezing at Fertility Center

Women needing assisted reproduction have an alternative for preserving their fertility and starting families later in life.

Eggs retrieved from a woman’s body can be cryogenically preserved before fertilization and result in healthy pregnancies down the road.

Fertility Center offers a proven technology for egg freezing through a partnership with the Frozen Egg Bank, one of the nation’s leading cryopreservation programs.

Fertility Center offers egg freezing services for clients from Nashville, Atlanta, Cookeville, Knoxville, Chattanooga, and beyond! Our two offices are both in Chattanooga and Knoxville.

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Advantages of Egg Banking

Egg preservation offers several advantages:

  • Cancer patients can safeguard their fertility before undergoing surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy
  • Women concerned about decreased chances of pregnancy after age 35 can preserve their fertility
  • Frozen eggs can be thawed and fertilized as needed with resulting embryos transferred
  • Additional attempts at pregnancy are more affordable than repeating egg-stimulation therapy
  • Frozen, unfertilized eggs can be discarded without the moral issues surrounding fertilized embryos

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