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Chattanooga Fertility Clinic

Seeking fertility treatments in Chattanooga? At Fertility Center of Chattanooga, we provide patients with the best treatment options for both male and female infertility.

Our Chattanooga office is located at 7407 Ziegler Road, just off of Gunbarrel Road. Both Dr. Bird and Dr. Donesky see patients at our Chattanooga office.

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At our Chattanooga fertility clinic, we offer multiple fertility treatment options for patients from Chattanooga, Nashville, Atlanta, Knoxville, and beyond. Our embryology lab is located in Chattanooga, and all egg retrievals and transfers for IVF patients are also performed here. An on-site lab is available for testing/analysis.

Learn more about our fertility services offered in Chattanooga below.

Fertility Testing

Fertility struggles can often involve both women and men. At Fertility Center of Chattanooga, we offer multiple fertility tests for couples to help identify any potential factors contributing to infertility. Many of our tests can be performed in-house but occasionally are sent to a lab for further fertility testing and analysis. Some results are available the same day, and others may take up to 10 days.

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For nearly 30 years, Fertility Center has served as a leading In Vitro Fertilization facility in the Chattanooga area. IVF is recommended for patients who cannot conceive due to severe male-factor issues, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, women with ovulation disorders, or unexplained infertility. As a result of the efforts of our doctors and IVF team in Chattanooga, more than a thousand babies have been born.

Considering the accumulating cost of IVF in Chattanooga, it’s crucial for couples to carefully manage their finances prior to starting treatment. On average, a standard IVF cycle amounts to approximately $15,000, which excludes specialized fertility testing, fertility drugs, and hospital delivery expenses. With the possibility of requiring multiple cycles, IVF can become a substantial investment. To tackle this challenge, Chattanooga Fertility Center offers the IVF Refund Program, providing financial peace of mind. Participating in the IVF Refund Program using your own eggs costs approximately $22,200.

If you’re considering IVF, we can work with you to develop a personalized treatment plan to maximize your chances of conceiving.

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Intrauterine Insemination, or IUI, is most often used when the sperm count or activity is lower than normal, or when the cause of conception difficulties is undetermined. IUI is one of the most frequently used treatments for infertility, and typically involves placing sperm directly inside of the uterus around the time of ovulation. At Fertility Center of Chattanooga, we offer IUI treatment for patients to hopefully increase the chances of pregnancy.

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Tubal Reversal

The fertility doctors at Fertility Center of Chattanooga can perform a tubal ligation reversal to repair and restore a woman’s fallopian tubes so that she has the opportunity to become pregnant again. Once the tubal reversal surgery is complete, the uterus can work naturally again and patients could see an effective pregnancy within a year. Our dedicated team is committed to providing compassionate care and expert guidance throughout the process, helping individuals on their journey to expand their families through this transformative procedure.

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Fertility Preservation

The doctors and staff at Fertility Center are committed to meeting the unique reproductive needs of patients in the Chattanooga area who wish to preserve the quality of their eggs, sperm, or embryos. Through cryopreservation, patients who wish to delay parenthood can do so without compromising their future ability to start a family, offering hope and peace of mind.

Fertility preservation is particularly important for individuals facing medical treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation, which may pose a risk to their reproductive health. This empowering procedure also allows patients who have not found a life partner or are not ready to conceive an opportunity to maintain their fertility potential.

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Egg & Embryo Donations

Fertility Center’s egg and embryo donation services help couples achieve their dream of parenthood. All approved donors at Fertility Center of Chattanooga are required to sign consents for participation in our donor program, waiving all rights to any children resulting from donated eggs and embryos. Both egg and embryo donations offer a chance for hopeful parents to experience the joys of parenthood and create loving families, while also giving donors the satisfaction of knowing they have made a life-changing difference for someone else.

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Receiving Egg, Embryo & Sperm Donations

Chattanooga’s Fertility Center works with families to receive egg donations, embryo donations or sperm donations based on their fertility needs. For those struggling with infertility or medical conditions that affect their reproductive health, donor recipients are given a renewed sense of hope and possibility.

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