Fertility Treatment Financing

At Fertility Center, we believe that couples are more at ease and have better chances of success when financial arrangements are taken care of before treatments and procedures begin.

Although some insurance policies do cover fertility testing and/or treatment, we have maintained a reputation for being cost conscious and competitive with a focus on minimizing expenses for our patients and being completely up front about all costs involved.

Financial Consultation

Patients participating in our assisted reproduction program will meet with one of our financial consultants to discuss the monetary aspects of their doctor’s recommendations and have their questions answered. You’ll find out what your insurance covers, what it doesn’t, what your out-of-pocket expenses will be, and how to find financial assistance if you need it.

Financial Agreements

To avoid confusion and unexpected surprises, we put all financial agreements in writing with detailed descriptions of the services included and those that are not. Each patient’s financial responsibility is outlined clearly, and signatures ensure no increases in package pricing.

IVF Packages

Our standard IVF package starts at $10,500 and includes all treatment procedures, ultrasounds and labs, micromanipulation, cryopreservation, anesthesia, and facility fees. We understand that IVF can get expensive, especially when you have to undergo multiple cycles. That’s why we’ve developed the IVF Refund Program. In addition, we offer packages that include banked donor eggs from our in-house anonymous donor pool. Financial consultants will take the time to understand your needs and help you determine which package is the best option for you.

Diagnostic tests and medications are not included in any of our packages. Prepayment is required for admission to the IVF program and must be received before medication can be ordered.

BBVA Medical Express Healthcare Loan

Fertility Center is pleased to offer our patients the BBVA Express Healthcare Loan, a fast and easy way to cover your fertility treatments. Whether you choose to fund one IVF cycle at a time or have enrolled in the Fertility Center IVF Refund Program, the BBVA Express Healthcare Loan delivers funds to Fertility Center quickly, so you can start treatments right away. You can see potential loan options for amounts up to $35,000 with no impact on your credit score. Fixed-rate loans starting at 0% APR (up to 18.99%), and no application fee, prepayment penalty or collateral required.

Medical Finance Partners

During your visit, our financial consults can provide you with additional information about fertility treatment financing. Low-interest loans with flexible terms often make treatment more affordable.

If you need financial assistance, consider contacting one of our financial partners:

  • Lending Club Patient Solutions – (800) 630-1663
  • United Medical Credit – (855) 503-1800
  • Prosper Healthcare Lending – (800) 625-7412 ext. 2

Approval for assistance may take several days. We are always available to answer your financial questions and help make the payment process as clear and simple as possible.