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Our family began with a beautiful baby girl in 2002. Being parents was wonderful, but we always wanted more children and hoped our daughter wouldn’t have to grow up by herself. When she was 4, we started trying to have another baby. A year went by but still no pregnancy. We tried the IUI process four times through my gynecologist, but none worked. The doctor then found endometriosis and a cyst on my ovary that needed to be removed. He was positive we could now conceive, so three more rounds of IUI followed. After another year, we still were not pregnant. Next came a referral to the Fertility Center, making us feel anxious, excited and fearful all at the same time about beginning a new journey.

At this point, we had been trying for nearly three years and found ourselves more depressed and disappointed as each month passed. When we met Dr. Bird, he changed all of that. He was very optimistic and didn’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be able to conceive with help. He always told us he could only do so much, and the rest was up to God. Every night, I would desperately pray for this to work. My husband seemed to handle the situation better than me. He had such strength through it all and was my rock. I always felt I was falling apart and was such a disappointment to him. I discovered God works things out in His time, not ours. We went through the IVF process twice with two embryos implanted each time, but none took. I thought maybe it wasn’t meant to be and wondered what I might be doing wrong. At the same time, I couldn’t get rid of that feeling of wanting more kids. I just didn’t feel complete. Dr. Bird said we could try again in maybe six months while giving my body a rest period. I was very distraught at not becoming pregnant. I questioned God as to why everyone else seemed to get pregnant so easy and not me.

We didn’t know if we could afford another IVF cycle, but we prayed about it and God made a way for us to try again. This time we shared our process with our family and friends, so they could say some extra prayers, too. Susan had become such a good friend through everything, and we came to trust in her knowledge as an embryologist. She seemed very positive about our new embryos, which made me more hopeful. Again, two embryos were implanted and the waiting game began. Those were the longest two weeks ever.

The day to find out if I was pregnant arrived. As we waited in the lobby for the results, it seemed to be all a blur. When Jan called us back, I felt numb until she announced our good news. I couldn’t believe it! We had done it … well, God had. We were so happy. Jan had become a good friend, too, and she was as happy as we were. Others in the office were just as excited — Dr. Bird, Deborah, Rachel, Lisa and Sandy. They had become our second family.

On the day of our first ultrasound, Dr. Bird came in so happy and eager to see what was there. Surprise! “I see two babies,” he said. “It’s twins!” Both embryos had taken, and we were so grateful. Now our family finally would be complete.

After 12 weeks had passed, I hated to leave our newfound friends. They were all so supportive and genuinely caring. We can’t thank them enough for how they treated us. They are the BEST! Eight months later, in December 2010, we welcomed Ella Faith and Eli Loy to our home. These are our true miracle babies. We waited so long and what a reward. God is truly great! So the moral of our story is … never give up. God will bless when you least expect it. God bless you, Dr. Bird, and all at the Fertility