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April Sumner

I love the Fertility Center. I couldn’t have asked for a more caring, educated, professional, friendly, informed and sensitive staff and would recommend them to everyone. Here is my story: My husband and I were married in February 2004 and decided to try to have a baby a few months later. In September, I was overjoyed to find out I was pregnant! That celebration came to an abrupt end when I miscarried at five weeks on my birthday.

Although I was devastated, I felt this was a one-time thing and remained optimistic. I was under the care of a gynecologist who assured me that I could get pregnant again and carry a baby with no problems, even though at this point I was starting to worry that something was not right with me. I’d never had regular periods, so I began researching polycystic ovarian syndrome. I addressed this with my doctor, but he dismissed my concerns even though month after month went by without a pregnancy. This doctor was not attentive to me in the least and seemed too concerned with his pregnant patients to make time for me.

I grew more depressed and upset as time went on. Fed up with being ignored, I went to the phone book and saw an ad for the Fertility Center. I called to see if they could help me. That was the best decision I’ve ever made. My husband and I met Dr. Bird. How refreshing it was not to be told to “wait and see”! Dr. Bird was very understanding and willing to be aggressive with tests and treatments so that our suffering could end. After diagnosing my PCOS, Dr. Bird recommended injectable fertility medications followed by intrauterine insemination. The staff at the center was so sweet to me. I had to come in nearly every day for blood work and scans. Kami (the receptionist) always greeted us by name and with a huge smile. Other staff members worked with our insurance company to ensure that eligible charges were covered, and we always knew ahead of time how much we would be responsible for financially. They understand how expensive infertility coverage can be and were there to help us make sense of things. Sam in the lab was always so gentle with me every time she had to draw blood.

I became friends with all the staff and knew they were rooting for us. Our IUI was successful the first time, and I was pregnant! Sadly, I lost that baby at eight weeks due to an unforeseen medical condition. The day was tragic for the Fertility Center as well as for us. It seemed the staff understood and cared more than some of our own family members. At that point, Dr. Bird asked me how I wanted to proceed. Even with all of his medical knowledge and schooling, he still valued my opinion and recognized that this was the focus of my life. When I told Dr. Bird that I wanted to find out why I kept miscarrying, he ordered a new series of blood tests and discovered a clotting disorder. Blood thinners were prescribed for me before we attempted a second IUI, which was also successful. At six weeks I nervously went in for my first ultrasound and found out we were pregnant with twins! It was truly the happiest moment of my life. I was not out of the woods yet though.

Throughout my first trimester, I got weekly hormone checks and ultrasounds. I was so happy to pass the 12-week mark but also sad to leave the Fertility Center and all the wonderful staff there. The place had begun to feel like a home to me after everyone helped make a soul-crushing and isolating experience bearable for us. I don’t know any other group that could have done that. Dr. Bird referred me to high-risk obstetrical specialists to complete my prenatal care. On staff is a wonderful woman named Tina Smith who runs an infertility support group and does counseling with women. I became very good friends with her, and she helped me and gave me peace with my emotional struggles. She is a treasure, and we are still friends today. Rachel, the massage therapist, also is fantastic! I got a free massage before each of my IUIs, and they were so relaxing and needed in a time of total stress and anxiety over whether or not the procedures would work.

I still make appointments with Rachel even though I’m not a current patient. On May 10, 2007, I gave birth to healthy fraternal twin boys that we named Eric Matthew and Harrison Joseph. They are our miracle babies! Our dreams came true, and it would not have been possible without the amazing staff at the Fertility Center. I owe them so much thanks and appreciation for making us a family.