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Embryo Grading

For many years, there was very little information available to accurately understand the process an egg and sperm go through as they develop into an embryo. Thanks to advances within the scientific community, we are now able to understand and track the health and quality of embryonic development more than ever before! Embryo grading is a process that analyzes the quality of post-fertilization oocytes as they develop into embryos. . . . Full Story


Emily King

Read about this mother's infertility journey and the birth of her son, Judah Benjamin. Her faith and her experience at the Fertility Center gave her hope when she needed it the most.. . . Full Story


Laura Catharine and Lee

In January of 2016, we began IVF treatment. To our great joy, our daughter Clara was born in mid-November. We cannot imagine having undergone such an emotional journey without the compassion, support, care, skills and expertise of the Fertility Center staff. . . . Full Story