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Bo & Tina Smith

Ten years is a long time to wait for a baby. At first we didn’t realize we were dealing with infertility, and even today there is no clear explanation why conception was such a challenge for us.

In the mid ’90s, we were referred to the Fertility Center by an acquaintance. It seemed like such an overwhelming step at the time, and truth be told, we almost didn’t make an appointment. But once we entered Dr. Bird’s office together and began our consultation, we knew we’d come to the right place. We connected with this exceptional man immediately and realized we’d found a partner backed up by a team who could give us direction at a time when we thought our options had run out. Still, our dream didn’t come true easily or overnight.

We faced continued ups and downs through rocky years of procedures and anticipation and disappointments, including our first pregnancy that was lost to miscarriage at 10 weeks.
When we considered giving up, the Fertility Center gave us the space we needed while gently reminding us not to lose hope.

Our final try with our last frozen embryo that had been in storage for more than a year led to a healthy, full-term pregnancy and the birth of a baby boy in the spring of 2001. Ironically, we conceived a baby girl on our own just seven months later, and she was born the following fall.

Our journey to parenthood took unforeseen twists and turns off the route we expected to travel, but we believe our arms would still be empty today were it not for the kindness and expertise that we found at the Fertility Center. We will be eternally grateful to them for Tré and Carolina — our very own miracles.

Amazing gift, this life within that grows with each new day.
I’m overwhelmed with thankfulness for baby on the way.
The wait it seemed would never end, but here I stand at last
upon the brink of motherhood, the disappointments past.
Dear Lord, I pray for all I need to give my little one
the gifts of faith and love and joy — my blessing, my own son.
(written at Christmastime 2000 in the fifth month of pregnancy)