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Brian & Angela York

With a huge extended family, we honestly never thought we’d have any problems getting pregnant. But after two years of trying, it just seemed hopeless.

A wonderful gynecologist was very optimistic about our fertility and referred us to Dr. Barry Donesky. We arrived for our first appointment at the Fertility Center’s office in Knoxville with all our fears and questions and left with great hopes for having a family, even in spite of Angi’s polycystic ovary syndrome.

In March of 2004, we learned we were pregnant but suffered a miscarriage. Then in June, we got pregnant again and cried again, but these were tears of disbelief and joy! We’d been waiting so long and had faced disappointment so many times, but we were blessed with the arrival of Gracyn Rylee in February 2005. She came into this world because of Dr. Donesky and his wonderful staff. They helped make our family complete, and we can’t thank them enough for their kindness and support through our infertile journey.