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Fertility Center

Chris & Kelly

Our journey began almost nine years ago. Once we decided to try and have a baby, we never dreamed of the challenges and disappointments that we would face. After two years of trying on our own with no success, we decided to see a doctor for some insight. The tests and exams we went through reflected nothing anatomically that would prevent a pregnancy. We decided to try several cycles with the drug Clomid and strict schedules, but no success. In 2004, we visited another doctor who recommended Clomid cycles along with IUI procedures. After seven unsuccessful IUI attempts, we were determined not to give up. We researched every possible reason that may be preventing a pregnancy and even decided to have a hysterosalpingogram and a laparoscopy to see if it might help. Afterwards, we went through two more IUI procedures with no success.

At this point, we were referred to Dr. Bird for further help. The staff at Dr. Bird’s office met us with open arms and unbelievable understanding in this difficult time. During consultation, we were given several options. Considering the amount of time and past procedures already performed, we decided to try in vitro fertilization. We read story after story and success rate after success rate and felt confident that this was our answer. We were given a tour of the center, met all the staff, and set up a schedule. Our egg retrieval was extremely successful with several healthy embryos. We had two transferred and could not wait to return for our pregnancy test. Our day arrived and the test was negative.

This news was devastating and extremely hard to take in. We had decided to have two embryos frozen and wasted no time starting a frozen cycle. One of our embryos did not survive the thaw process and the other had little response. We had the one implanted and again waited for our pregnancy test. This test, too, was negative. It is very difficult to put into words the disappointment and inability to understand how God would allow this in our lives. We comforted one another and knew that He was in control and that there was a reason. We could not afford any further treatments and were in desperate need for a break. We decided at that time to end all medical assistance and put everything in His hands.

Two years later, we were given the opportunity to participate in another IVF cycle. This news was met with both extreme excitement and nervousness. It was an unbelievable opportunity to try again but also a fear of experiencing more disappointment. We decided to go for it and started the process in February 2009. We again had a healthy egg retrieval and implantation, but this time when we returned for our test results, the news was a little different. We are now in our third trimester with our baby boy, Trevor, who is due in early November. It is unbelievable to look back at all we went through and know that this was our appointed time. Through all the disappointments, confusion, and sadness we never gave up HOPE. We are extremely grateful to be able to experience this miracle and even more aware of how precious a little life can be.