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Chris & Sharon McCrary

Our story starts in 2005 after we had been trying for months to get pregnant. A gynecologist prescribed Clomid (for Sharon), which only caused moodiness and weight gain! Then the doctor recommended a D&C and laparoscopy. After the surgery, we were told that Sharon could never get pregnant naturally because the endometriosis in her tubes was beyond repair. The only option would be IVF. Sharon was crushed and kept apologizing, but Chris said it wasn’t her fault and knew we’d figure something out.

One day, a friend was sitting in a doctor’s office when a book fell off the table and opened to a page advertising the Empty Arms meeting at the Fertility Center in Chattanooga. She immediately thought of Sharon, called to tell her about the group and took her to a meeting. After learning more about the costs involved with assisted reproduction, we thought, “Wow! That’s a lot of money, but we have to give it a shot since it’s our only option.” Thank God we did because now we have a healthy, beautiful baby boy. His name is Caden, and he’s the love of our lives. We have one frozen embryo left in storage and hope to give Caden a sibling to grow up with.

Wish us luck!