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Emily King

My husband and I tried to conceive for two and a half years, and we had planned to start trying to conceive a couple years before that. Needless to say, when we started trying, we had no idea that we were in for the long haul – years of trying and waiting, trying and waiting. We also prayed A LOT during this time. Then after trying for about a year, we sought help at the Fertility Center. After receiving treatment there on and off for one and a half years and after two early miscarriages, we got pregnant with our now six-month-old son. Judah Benjamin was born on January 30, 2017. What a blessed day! He has been such a delight to us ever since, smiling all throughout the day every day.


During our time with the Fertility Center, we were so blessed with the kindness and caring nature of the staff. Specifically, the massage therapist Rachel was such a blessing for me, as she prayed with me on some of my hardest, most emotional days. Also, Dr. Donesky was very caring and thorough, explaining and educating us on the details of our situation, and he always offered us hope. Additionally, I really loved the “hope rocks.” One day I was standing at the desk to check out, feeling dismal about my test results, and then I saw a basket of “hope rocks.” Then the check-out lady told me that there were there for the taking. What a blessing! It helped to give me hope on a day when I had very little. Currently, I have that hope rock sitting on the nightstand in the nursery. I remember my struggle with infertility every time I see it. I also remember how God uses even the small, little things to comfort and encourage us.

If I had any advice for other women who are struggling to conceive, it is NEVER LOSE HOPE. There were so many times that I almost gave up on treatment, but I would pray, waiting a few months, and then feel at peace with giving treatment another try. It took me a while to get to this point, but now I truly believe that God uses people and places like this to help people conceive. Perhaps He will use it to help you too. Also, NEVER LOSE YOUR FAITH. No matter what happens, God is good. Try to believe that, even when it’s hard. May God be ever close to you on this difficult journey of infertility. May we never forget the struggle.