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Dear Mr. Eyeballs (aka Dr. Donesky) — It has been a few months since we first saw each other “face to face.” I hope you remember me. I was the cute embryo in the back of the incubator, the stubborn one who didn’t want to get transferred! Mom says that I’ve changed quite a bit and that I ought to send you a little update … By the way, Mom asked me to tell you “thank you so much for everything.” I’m not quite sure why but she had tears in her eyes and a big smile when she said that. Well, I’m off to my nap! See you soon …

Hello everyone at the Fertility Center! One year ago almost to the day, I became “official”: the pregnancy test was positive! Now when I’m rocked to sleep, I hear the amazing story of everything that had to happen in order for me to be here. I hear about what went on even before I was conceived. Even before IVF, Mom had to have uterine surgery. Dr Donesky did it so well that the obstetrician who delivered me by C-section would not have suspected it if Mom had not told her. And I also hear about a lot of wonderful people in Chattanooga, their dedication, their patience, their medical expertise and their friendship. It was like a second family being there every step of that long way, sharing the ups and downs. Since we had not talked in a while, I’m happy to send you a little update. (Just throw away the picture of my birth announcement – I’m much cuter now!).
All the best …