Jeff & Kristi Darnell

Our story begins as many others do with a ring, a wedding and a house; but our road to parenthood did not follow the usual or expected path. After two years of trying to conceive the baby we so desperately wanted, our struggles brought us to the Fertility Center. From the start, we received nothing but kindness, caring, understanding and motivation from everyone. Dr. Bird was a wonderful, compassionate doctor, and it was plain that God had sent him our way. Shirley Sinclair became our financial confidant and proved to be our biggest asset in times of need.

We will never forget the day of our pregnancy test after our third IVF cycle. With each cycle, we’d come close without success. Suddenly, five staff members rushed in to announce the wonderful news. Needless to say, we weren’t the only ones crying! We were blessed with the birth of twin daughters in February 2006. There are no words to express the amount of joy the Fertility Center enabled us to experience through Kennedy Ava and Kampbell Grace. We look back now and cannot even imagine life without them. We truly believe that without the Fertility Center and God’s divine intervention, our story would not have this “happily ever after” ending. We hope others on the path less traveled will be encouraged. If we had to make the choice again, the Fertility Center would be the only place for us.