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Jessie Seaton

Our story starts the same as so many people. Phil and I met, fell in love, married and dreamed of one day having a family. But one thing that didn’t come so easily was the children part. We knew we wanted children and thought it would be easy.

So when we tried for over a year and still no baby, we figured out that it wasn’t going to be as easy as we thought. At first, I visited my regular OB-GYN doctor. She put me on the “baby making” drug Clomid.

However, months later still no baby. That is when the words, fertility doctor, came in to play. Disappointed that we couldn’t do this ourselves, we decided to try Dr. Donesky. I was very apprehensive the first time I walked into the Fertility Center, but once I met with Dr. Donesky, Pat and all the staff, I no longer felt as if I was alone. Dr. Donesky explained everything so well and put my fears at ease.

Afterwards, I felt like I knew more about my body and the way the human body should work. I always left feeling positive and confident that eventually Phil and I were going to have a baby.  Months went by and each time we tested, we believed it would be good news. Finally, on Valentine’s Day I took a pregnancy test and it was POSITIVE! I immediately called for an appointment to have a blood test to make sure it was true. Dr. Donesky continued to monitor me closely, especially the first three months, to make sure there weren’t any complications. He made me feel unafraid and well cared for.

During this time, I got to hear heartbeats and see pictures of my babies growing. It was a dream come true! I carried my babies for 37 weeks and gave birth to a beautiful girl and boy. Each and every day in my prayers, I thank God for the treasured little ones that I have been given the opportunity to mother. Without Dr. Donesky, I wouldn’t get to see their first smiles, laughs, crawls or walks. I can’t say enough thank yous to the wonderful people at the Fertility Center who helped us achieve these precious miracles.