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At 36, when I told my ob/gyn that my husband and I had been trying for several years to conceive, he recommended that I see a “doctor who does just that”. He gave me a brochure for the Fertility Center, and we made an appointment. I was sure it would be months before we could be seen but was pleasantly surprised to get an appointment in just a few days. The staff immediately made us feel at ease, and Dr. Donesky explained very clearly (even drawing diagrams) what our options were, what the statistics looked like and what the process would consist of. We decided we were in the right place and after speaking with Kindel about costs were happy to discover we could afford their assistance.

We began the process in May 2010. After several visits to look at my ripening eggs, we were set to go on Memorial Day. It was Dr. Bird’s holiday to work and he met us at the center that morning and, with his assistance, our son was conceived during our first round of IUI! Thanks again for working the holiday Dr. Bird! For the next three months, I was in the office once a week for labs and ultrasounds. It was wonderful to watch our son grow from a ball to a boy, and I can’t thank the staff enough for all of the encouragement and kindness in what I’ve heard others describe as a stressful situation. For us, it was so positive and the staff was professional but personable and caring at the same time. I never had to wait long to see Sandy and Dr. Donesky on my weekly visits, and Lisa at the payment window remains one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. The Fertility Center is an hour and a half drive from our home in Alabama, but I looked forward to my weekly visits with my new friends.

After the first trimester, I transferred back to the care of my local doctor, and in February 2011 our son Townes was born. I list getting assistance from the Fertility Center among the best decisions we’ve ever made and can’t thank them enough for the excellent care and services provided. We are crazy about this little guy and our world will never be the same!