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Laura Catharine and Lee

In January of 2016, we began IVF treatment. To our great joy, our daughter Clara was born in mid-November. We cannot imagine having undergone such an emotional journey without the compassion, support, care, skills and expertise of the Fertility Center staff.

We waited to try and have children—first we were newlyweds, then starting professional school. Moving and establishing careers followed. Thirteen years after our wedding and in our late thirties, we decided we were finally “ready” to begin our family. An unsuccessful two years later, we turned to the Fertility Center.

Although it’s not typical for us to be so outspoken, we wanted to encourage others contemplating infertility treatment. There is help. There is hope. And thanks to Drs. Donesky and Bird, Nurse Practitioner Katie Murchison and their entire team, our dream of becoming parents is now a reality.