To our valued patients, with regards to the situation in Alabama Read More

Statement on Alabama Legislative Decision of IVF Services

To our valued patients:

With regards to the situation in Alabama: We continue to provide IVF services as we always have. The Alabama Supreme Court ruling which changed the legal status of embryos in Alabama, has made many of you anxious about the status of embryos in Tennessee. So far, we have seen no indication of any such changes in Tennessee and do not anticipate such. This was a ruling resulting from a specific case in Alabama and has no bearing on Tennessee law. Barring an identical case in our state, any such changes in Tennessee would have to take place through the legislature. According to one State Senator with whom we have had a brief interaction, Tennessee’s trigger law banning abortion was written with the protection of IVF in mind. We therefore believe it is unlikely that the legislature would move in a direction similar to Alabama’s Supreme Court.  It is also our understanding that there is movement in the Alabama legislature that will, hopefully, address this issue and make IVF function for patients there as well.