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Tonya Hazel

I never imagined my life without children of my own. It was a dream I took for granted … until I couldn’t get pregnant.

I experienced years of irregular menstrual cycles and hormone therapy to help regulate my body. Then after a year of trying to conceive with my husband, James, I knew we were going to need help. I didn’t even know where to begin looking for assistance, as we had just moved back to the Chattanooga area. Then I noticed an advertisement for the Fertility Center at my gym, so I called for an appointment.

I met with Dr. Bird in August of 2006 and was extremely impressed with his systematic approach to figuring out exactly what was going on with my body while also examining James’ reproductive capabilities. I felt so at ease with Dr. Bird. He reminded me of Mr. Rogers – minus the sweater! It was his gentleness and sincerity that reassured me we were in good hands. After four rounds of Clomid, a third attempt at IUI produced our miracle. Even though those five months seemed like an eternity and the emotional roller coaster was overwhelming, the doctors and staff at the Fertility Center were always supportive. I knew that they really cared about our hopes, dreams and feelings.

When we received confirmation that I was, indeed, pregnant on Valentine’s Day of 2007, I was so excited that I told everyone. I wasn’t the least bit apprehensive of sharing the good news in fear of a miscarriage, because I knew that God had answered our prayers and blessed us with a precious baby on the way. Having ultrasounds weekly throughout the first trimester was so much fun! Mona became a dear friend, along with Lisa, Rachel, Sam and Deborah. I hated to leave them when the time came, but I did have one last appointment for a 3D/4D at 30 weeks.

On October 11, I delivered a sweet 5-pound 15-ounce baby girl, perfectly healthy. We periodically drop in at the Fertility Center to visit, and everyone there is so glad to see us each time. I am still amazed that with all his other patients and over a year later, Dr. Bird still remembers us and our specific situation.

We are so thankful that we moved back to Chattanooga and found the Fertility Center. Without their help, we wouldn’t have Tava Keeghan.